Be ready with the perfect text when you need it the most – Create notes and access them directly in Messages, share to social media apps like Twitter and LinkedIn, or send as email. Textadore reminds you when to send or share.

Add New Notes

Create new notes by tapping the + button and begin writing. To use emojis in your notes, switch to the emoji keyboard by tapping the emoji button (or holding down the globe button) on your keyboard. If the emoji keyboard is not enabled on your device, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap “Add new keyboard” and scroll down to “Emoji”.

Categorize by Color

Color coding messages will help you find them on the spot, as the “bubble” in Textadore and the iMessage app will have this color. Tap the “Note color” button when you’re editing or creating a note. Swipe up or down to find the color you’re looking for. The color you choose will not affect the content you share.

Setting a Reminder

To set a reminder for a particular note, tap the “Bell” button at the bottom of the text editor. Select the date and time you wish to be reminded on and tap “Done” (you have to change the date or time to activate the button). Textadore will now remind you when it's time to send or share. You can of course also use this feature to remind yourself to do something, like picking up your dry cleaning. Notice: Reminder notifications are local to your device. Textadore takes no responsibility for undelivered notifications.

Adding a Custom Title

If you wish, you can add a title to your note. The title allows you to set a custom name for a longer text. The title will be visible in reminder notifications, but won't be sent in Messages or shared to other apps.


Swipe left on a row and tap the black button to share notes to other supporting apps (iPhone) or tap the share button at the bottom left of the text editor (iPad and iPhone). In the iMessage app, tap on a “bubble” to copy its contents to the text field.

Mark as Private

Avoid sharing sensitive texts by mistake by marking them as private in the app. If you mark a note as private, you'll be asked if you are sure you want to use this before being able to share.


Tap on a row to edit that note. In the iMessage app, touch and hold on a “bubble“. This will open up the note in the main app, where you can edit it.


Delete notes by swiping left on a row and tap the red button (iPhone) or tap the delete button at the bottom right of the text editor (iPad and iPhone).

Your Data Stays on Your Device

Textadore does not sync your data to a cloud service or backend server. Your data stays on your device until you decide to share it with someone.

Access Settings

Tap the “i” button in the upper left corner of the start screen, then tap the cogwheel in the upper right corner. In settings, you can choose whether the keyboard should show automatically on new notes or not. You can also control permissions for notifications and speech recognition (if you previously have used those functions).


To use Speech-to-Text, tap the “Mic” button at the bottom of the text editor (if the keyboard is visible you'll have to hide it). Start speech recognition by tapping the green play button and start speaking. You can easily change between multiple languages by tapping the “Globe” button. Textadore remembers the last language you used in a particular note, so you easily can continue in the same language the next time. When you're done, tap “Save” to use the text in your note, or tap the “X” button to exit without saving. The “Trash” button clears all text from your currrent Speech-to-Text session. To pause, tap the pulsating “Mic” button. A session is limited to about one minute, due to restrictions from Apple.


Reorder notes by tapping the sort button, then drag up or down. When you’re ready, tap “Done”.

Enable the iMessage App

If you’re not automatically adding new iMessage apps, you need to manually add the Textadore iMessage app after installing the main app. Go to Messages and open the App Store for iMessage, tap the “Manage” tab and enable “Textadore”. All your texts from the Textadore app will now be available directly in Messages.

Share to Facebook from Textadore?

Facebook does not allow other apps to pre-fill text that will be shared. It’s “inconsistent with Facebook Platform Policy”. To share from Textadore to Facebook you need to first copy the text, then tap the “Share” button, select “Facebook”, and paste the text into the dialog. We know, it’s tedious, but at least you won’t have to open the Facebook app...

What else?

Textadore comes with some sample messages when you install the app. Use them, customize them or just delete them and create your own.